I think the reason I like college football is because I used to be a football statistician, therefore I understand and appreciate the nuances of the game. And because I enjoy pretty much all forms of fun and excitement it’s just electrifying to be in a football stadium filled with fired up fans! (Yes, it would be more fully enjoyable if many in the crowd were not inebriated, but I try to love em anyway – I just don’t get too close – lovin em from afar works just as well in such circumstances!)

Imagine my absolute glee and delight when I had the opportunity to attend Saturday nights game between the North Carolina Tar Heels and the LSU Tigers! Get this…I even got to spend some time standing on the sidelines! The power of the players, the energy of the crowd and the intensity of Saturdays game made the entire experience electrifyingly awesome!

I also really enjoyed the college bands and thier “battling” it out on the field and in the stadium with their excellent marching and enthusiastic musical attempts to cheer their team on to victory! Big time loud, fun – right up my alley!

I must say a grand highlight while there, happened before the game even started. The announcers booming voice quieted the crowd as he invited us to stand for the invocation. Dennis Rainey, Founder and President of FamilyLife was then introduced and he proceeded to ask God’s blessing on the day.  During his prayer as he asked for the Lord to bless our troops wherever they may serve – the crowd roared – and when his prayer ended with the words…”Jesus Christ our redeemer – Amen” the crowd thunderously applauded and roared again. 

Our country is filled with people who cheer for more than just football and I am grateful that in some venues that is a privilege that still exists!

Chick-fil-A Game Day

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