People of earth…you are being invaded…by those who want to change/recreate history to fit their agenda.

Wake up.

OK, so I’ve decided being raised as a middle class American in a small town no longer “fits in” with my agenda. I think I shall create a new history for myself that sounds better and fits with where I am heading. You know what – it doesn’t work that way. We cannot change history to make us sound better (in our own minds), or to fit a mold that we now want to embrace. Our personal history, just like our American History is what it is.  If you want to disagree with history or be mad at history, have at it, but don’t try to re-write it people. 

America was founded by a bunch of Bible believing people who were persecuted and so they came here to start over based on the basic tenets outlined in the Bible. And a big part of what they were all about was to allow freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion. Like it or not, it is what it is. If you want America now to be something differrent at least have the guts to say that’s what you are doing – don’t rewrite our history. By doing that you actually stomp all over the lives who have made up our history and have fought, suffered, bled and died.

If you are wondering why I am having this little rant …it’s because now the establishment is messing with C.S. Lewis and Aslan. Hollywood is trying to say Aslan depicts all great religious leaders. Wrong. Don’t try to put words into the mouth of C.S. Lewis – Aslan is a depiction of Christ. To say that he is not, is like stealing. Stealing words and intentions right out of the writer of Narnia… and that’s uncool.

When you get right down to it the “attack” of C.S. Lewis and Aslan is the ultimate in symbolism. Just as God’s word and His son are attacked by the world, so too is Lewis and Aslan. I guess ultimately that is the highest compliment that  could be paid to Lewis.  But it’s still dangerous.

Thanks for allowing me some time to vent…I just had to share that I am weary that history is being trampled, and Aslan (my Jesus) is being mocked – the symbolism is not lost on my heart either, and it hurts.

Good thing I know how history ends – EVERY knee shall bow.

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