Have you seen them?

Glazed over eyes, crumpled list tightly in hand and lips pursedso tightly you couldn’t get the utterance of Away in the Manger out of them for nothin… Away in the Anger is more like it!

Are you one of those moms with a Christmas attitude?

What I mean to suggest by that is don’t be a frazzled, I have too much to do, grumpy, no fun to be with during the month of December, oh my gosh there are not enough hours in the day, mom!

You greet her with, “Hello, how are you today!”  And then you proceed to get an earful of all the errands she has to do that day, all the gift shopping, the cookie baking, the Christmas card mailing, the wrapping, the party attending, the…blah, blah, blah – obviously…It’s not A Wonderful Life!

Get over it!  CHRISTmas is not about you and your “to do” list ladies!  CHRISTmas is about the greatest gift to the world!  And, if you are a Christian Mom the last thing you should do is get sucked into the busy-ness movement that CHRISTmas has become.

Guess what…the world will not stop spinning on its axel if you don’t wrap your gifts in matching paper and bows.  Your “table scape” does nothave to look like it belongson the cover of Southern Living Christmas Edition and you do not have to say yes to every party you are invited to!  At least not if it’s going to make you a “mad elf” in the process of getting it done!

Figure out what you can manage and adjust your to do list accordingly.  Sometimes I think we build things up in our own minds of how things “must” be done in order for everyone to be happy and enjoy CHRISTmas!  A-hem…I think a Happy Mommy will go a LONG WAY in assuring a joy-filled CHRISTmas!

Make a list of what “really” matters to you and do those things well, but ask for help and get the family involved.  If baking cookies for the neighbors is on the top of the list, go for it – but realize they don’t have to be done “your way” to be done well.  Trust me, your neighbors would much prefer cookies made with love from your entire family, than cookies that were “perfectly” decorated from just you!

Every year I see more and more people roaming the streets with glazed over eyes and on the tips of their tongues soon to be uttered awaits, Out of My Way not Joy to the World!

Be a positive and joy filled carrier of glad tidings to others you meet – not a martyr mom who is viewing Christmas through her own maddening list of items to attend to.  Be a CHRISTmas Mom … let’s be that light in the darkness – the purveyor of Jesus’ love, a piece of peace on earth!  Greet others around you with a warm smile, a knowing twinkle in your eye, and a joyful Merry CHRISTmas!

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Encouraging others for Him. Author/Speaker, Be The Mom & LifeWay's Beautiful Mess Bible Study. Creator of MomLifeToday & MomLifeBootCamp. Devoted wife & fun-loving mom of two, living the simple life on a farm in central Kentucky.

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