Part of my m.o. is that I am a mom who likes to have fun with my kids. Now it wasn’t always this way mind you, I went through my exhausted who has time for fun stage, but God snapped me out of that and I have never looked back.

I realize that not all moms are naturally inclined for fun – that’s why I wrote a post over at MomLife Today with a few tips for funness! Listed below are the ten suggestions for fun I challenged moms to try – I hope you will give one or two (or ten) a try!

1 – I will perform an airbrush concert that will leave them speechless and/or giggling with wild abandon!

2 – I will place my hair in pig tails and/or moose it straight up and act like that is totally normal for me, with an eyebrow raising “what?” when they all look at me like I am crazy!

3 – They will “catch me” sitting in front of the TV laughing hysterically watching cartoons of some sort (or an animated movie) even though I am not accompanied by a child.

4 – I will declare a “do nothing day” where the entire family will stay in their p.j.’s, eat things that do not require cooking and are offered in no logical order whatsoever. Pizza for breakfast, cereal for lunch, dessert for dinner, fruits, veggies, chips whenever. No structure – totally random.

5 – Dress completely different than you normally do. If you are a jeans and t-shirt mom, then dress it up. If you are a dress it up mom, then put on some jeans and a t-shirt. Surprise them with a totally different look.

6 – After dinner one night, declare a “story night” and share stories of memories from when you were a child, especially memories where you (or siblings/friends) messed up, did silly things or felt awkward – then they will know you dealt with the same things they deal with and you are doing just fine. Lots of giggling is the goal!

7 – Short sheet everyone’s beds. Which means you fold the very bottom of the top sheet up to the top of the bed and fold it backwards and make it look like the normal folded area at the upper portion of your flat sheet. When they go to get in bed their legs get stuck because it’s been folded up. Make sense?

8 – Wear your clothes inside out (and backwards, if possible) see how long it takes everyone to notice…then invite your children to do the same! You will be the inside out family for the day.

9 – Prepare a “load” of water balloons, place them in cooler outside and when the opportunity presents itself and your children least expect it…fire away!

10 – Loud music, furniture against the walls, flashing lights! Oh yeah, I’m talking dance party…with you leading the way! You can go online and find the electric slide, the cupid shuffle or even swing dancing instructional videos. Big fun!

As you might guess, I have learned that laughing and being light hearted with my children creates a bond that leads to closeness when the need arises to talk of serious matters.

Go ahead, I double dog dare you to give some of these ideas a try!

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Encouraging others for Him. Author/Speaker, Be The Mom & LifeWay's Beautiful Mess Bible Study. Creator of MomLifeToday & MomLifeBootCamp. Devoted wife & fun-loving mom of two, living the simple life on a farm in central Kentucky.

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