This past weekend was Family Weekend at my daughter’s university. Her father, brother and I happily attended this annual event and were eager to spend time together as a family to recapture some of the mojo we miss on a daily basis.

Oh wow…it was glorious. The missing element to our family dynamics returned, that sweet, sometime snarky, always genuine, rapport was back and somehow turned up a notch because our girl has a unique relationship with her brother, her father and me. And then when we are all together the dynamics of each of those relationships reveal themselves in a gloriously sweet way.

Here are some random observations from the weekend:

  • Our children now share secrets we know nothing about, and watching them chide each other, knowingly, is precious.
  • My daughter still looks to her father for advice and understands that he loves her and each suggestion from him comes from a place of a desire to protect and lead – selflessly. And she accepts that, respectfully.
  • I am happiest when I see my family loving well – each other and others.
  • My girl chooses friends wisely and loves lavishly.
  • My daughter’s creativity reveals itself in the way she decorates her room and adorns her person.
  • I light up when my girl tells me I look cute – why does that matter so much?
  • The once picky eater, has a healthy relationship with food and sees it as fuel, nothing more.
  • Ireland has left an imprint on my sweet girl – tea time is a must and she savors moments of quiet each day in that pastime.
  • Our girl loves her family and we respect her space, learning to fill the areas she welcomes us into…and stay beyond the ones she is figuring out for herself – a dance we are figuring out…together.
  • A worn Bible and multiple worn journals beside my girls bed causes a deep warmth in my soul.
  • People matter to her, stuff – not so much.
  • Dang that girl can draw.
  • The smell of leather, saddles and all things horse are still a priority to my girl.
  • She has learned to harness her opinion and hear ours – oh that I could do the same with such patience.
  • Sometimes I just want to steal her away from the world and keep her all to myself.
  • I wish I could make parents understand that time with their child is the most important – too much time is wasted doing instead of being.  Savor the MOMents parents!!!!
  • The way her nose crinkles when she laughs.  {heavy sigh}
  • The nearby stable is a refuge and knowing she has a place to go to be with horses to hear from God clearly (as has always been her habit) – is a unique and blessed gift.
  • She didn’t want to, but her brother did, so she did it with him…always a caring big sister, sa-weet.
  • Uncontrolled laughter shared amongst my family is the sweetest of sounds.
  • Brother and sister, walking off towards a campus laughing and chatting is an amazing comfort – they will always have each other.  I pray.
  • Time is marching forward, seeing a memory of the future is humbling and fills me with peace and gratitude.

Moms – love your children well and savor every stinkin MOMent with them before you know it yours will be off to college and life will never, never be the same again. But that too, is yet another chapter of growth.



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Nicole (Life's a Batch) · February 26, 2013 at 10:53 am

Aww, your list made me tear up a little (I can imagine the waterworks you might’ve shed while writing it). I’m so glad to read such touching mementos as these, especially being able to remember Samara as a little thing. You have done well, Mom, and you have continually shown her a path for God. It’s no wonder she – and your family as a whole – reflect it so mightily!

Allie · March 2, 2013 at 8:15 am

Hey – I was just reading some of my old blog posts and saw a comment you had made a while back. I just wanted to say Hi and catch up on reading some of your posts. I really like your site. — Allie

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