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Robert Amaya has been a joy every time I have hung out with him, and this time I got to meet his beautiful and gracious wife! Robert always encourages me! He is warm, kind and others focused—you just want him to be your friend!

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Patricia Heaton was radiant and soft, bright-eyed, and had a lively engaging confidence and—daggum—she is gorgeous! I thanked her for making the movie and expressed the importance of it for moms, and she received my words with humility and gratitude! It was fun meeting her husband, David Hunt, as well, and they just appeared so happily in love and always on the verge of laughter. I bet a dinner party at their home would be beyond fun!

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Sarah Drew is a firecracker. In her spunky Sarah way she smiled at me and said, “I have met you before,” and then she curiously engaged, asking about me. As I raved about her performance she waved it off with a quick thanks. She is energy and beauty all rolled into one! As I walked away she started dancing with a group of friends gathered round her! Her next movie needs to be Moms’ Road Trip—better yet, maybe we could all just take one with her!

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Trace Atkins stands tall, smiles graciously, and dips his head humbly. A gentle giant is who I met, who received my encouragement with kind eyes and a Southern gentleman’s demeanor. He seemed like he was carrying something heavy, and I am praying for him—I would ask you to do the same. A front row seat at one of his concerts would be the best ever if anyone has any pull! (A lady can dream!)

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Andrea Logan White is stunning—gentle, thoughtful, and engaging, and her grace and beauty starts from within and shines brightly. She and I met when she spoke at MomLife Boot Camp, and her ability to share vulnerably that others might hear the voice of God through her words is a gift. She cares and that is evident; she is probably that friend who gets the call when help is needed!

Alex Kendrick is no stranger to MomLife Today as we have met many times. He had a very special date with him at Moms’ Night Out, and seeing him with his teen daughter made my heart happy! He was beaming as they chatted with others, and I had such fun meeting her and seeing him as an engaged father! He lives the tenets in the movies he creates! Anticipating the next Kendrick brothers project and praying the Lords protection over the entire Kendrick family! (Out of respect for Alex’s young daughters’ privacy, I am not going to post a photo of my visit with them.)

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.27.28 PM

The Erwin brothers, each hand-in-hand with their lovely wives, were on the move all night long, and as I was encouraging them they graciously thanked me for being there, supporting the movie, and writing Beautiful Mess. Their wives were a guiding force in the details of the movie, and it shows! What a blessing to see their loving support of each other! I managed to get this great pic of Jon of Beth Erwin. I wonder what assignment God has for them next—may they be blessed for their bold stance for Christ!

(P.S. My friend in the photos is Dannah Gresh, founder of Secret Keeper Girl and Pure Freedom – we had so much fun and are grateful for our opportunity to be there!)

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