I have written about the subject of spending intentional time with your kids for over a decade. Of recognizing that every moment counts and your children are like little sponges and will soak up what they see and hear in eagerly magnificent ways.

I am happy that finally more and more moms are recognizing and admitting to the “drift” towards isolation that is running dangerously rampant in our world…and in our homes.

I nearly cried (I actually did a bit) the other day…

As I entered the waiting room I checked myself in, and without much thought I walked to the far portion of the waiting room and sat in a chair to the far left. The only other people in that portion of the room were sitting directly in front of me.

My heart immediately warmed as I quickly glanced at the young mother, her hair in a messy pony tail, her outfit casual with flip flops – my kinda mom! Sitting next to her was a four”ish”-year-old girl in equally casual attire and on the floor in front of them was a baby, sitting in a car seat carrier.

It was then that my now-observant eyes narrowed and my head tipped a bit sideways because I noticed the baby was totally disengaged. Sort of staring in the direction of his mother and sister but with a blank expression.

My eyes followed his gaze and what I beheld literally made my jaw drop.

For the rest of the story join me over at MomLife Today, where I hope you will leave a comment, and I hope you will be mindful to encourage moms to choose engagement with their children!

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