I’m Happy For You! (sort of…not really)by Kay Wills Wyma                                                                                                             

“Kay Wills Wyma once again champions a much-needed culture shift—with heartfelt insight she challenges us to choose contentment over comparison. I’m Happy for You gently exposes the growing obsession with self-promotion and one-upmanship that’s wearing us all out and, thankfully, offers wise solutions.” —Tracey Eyster, author of Be the Mom and Beautiful Mess

Growing Up Social by Gary Chapman and Arlene Pellicane

Finally a book that educates on the very real effects “screen time” has on our children and daily home life.  Growing Up Social is packed with practical wisdom and brilliant suggestions to effectively and intentionally pull families trapped in isolation away from their screens to re-establish God intended family time!  Truly the book I have been waiting to recommend to millions of moms – Gary and Arlene, count me a raving fan of this much needed guide book for parents!   ~Tracey Eyster, Founder of  FamilyLife’s MomLifeToday.com, author of Be The Mom & Beautiful Mess

Weaving biblical insight together with real life stories, Stephanie Shott helps mothers discover the joy of parenting with purpose and pulls back the curtain on a unique and comprehensive view of motherhood.


  • Gina Smith – Grace Gifts: Celebrating Your Children Every Day (Foreword)
  • GraceGiftsGrace Gifts is not meant to be another book of standards for you to try and measure up to. It is not just another “to do” list for you to follow. Author and mom of two homeschool graduates, Gina Smith, directs you away from rules and lists, and the striving and fear that go with them, and encourages you to relax, to enjoy your children, and learn how to see them as the amazing individuals God made them to be. 

No More Perfect Kids provides parents with a counter cultural truth that needs to be understood and embraced.  Our children are entrusted to us and we waste a lot of time doggedly pursuing “perfection” when we should be affirming God’s unique design for our child.  Jill Savage has created a much needed rallying cry parents are overdue to embrace – No More Perfect Kids!   ~ Tracey Eyster, Founder and Executive Director of FamilyLife’s MomLife Today and author of Be The Mom.

Living So That will woo you to engage in deep personal study of the word of God in fresh ways. Wendy Blights in depth research is stimulating, her vulnerable self-reflection is authentic and her abiding relationship with Christ will embolden you to go deeper, stay longer and be transformed! ~Tracey Eyster, author of Be The Mom, Founder/Executive Director of FamilyLife’s MomLifeToday.com

“Say Goodbye to Survival Mode is a cover to cover read! Crystal Paine is the down to earth, genuine mom you need to learn from – have your highlighter ready!  This book is packed with experiential wisdom, practical helps and “you can do this” encouragement that will give you hope and catapult you into action!“ Tracey Eyster, author of Be The Mom & Founder of FamilyLife’s MomLife Today.

Few are willing to search deeply to understand God, because in the process so much of their own ugliness is exposed.  Heather will take you on an amazing journey in Ask Me Anything Lord – one that will leave you fully aware of God’s grace, confident in His sovereignty and humbly responsive to what He desires to do in and through you! Embrace the search for a deeper relationship with God through the questions in this book and you will be forever changed!   ~Tracey Eyster, author Be The Mom, Founder FamilyLife’s MomLifeToday.com

So many girls who are longing to be loved are looking in all the wrong places to be filled. Get Lost reaches into those searching hearts, pulls out deepest longings, and whispers brave truths about a feminine heart’s inherent search for love. Dannah Gresh tenderly reveals how to discover faith-filled contentment that will last a lifetime, Get Lost is a generational game changer!” ~Tracey Eyster, author of Be the Mom and Founder of MomLifeToday.com