What big big fun I had with nearly 600 women who came to my FiftyTude breakout session during the National Hearts at Home Conference in Normal, Illinois!  (I also enjoyed meeting the 600 moms who came to my Beautiful Mess breakout session!)

The room was definitely filled with ladies fifty plus who were ready to face the next half of their life seeing it as a GREAT ADVENTURE and tackle life’s changes and opportunities with grace! (and for sure with a bit of tude!)

I especially got a huge kick out of the ladies who sauntered up to the huge screen with the FiftyTude logo on it and snapped photos of themselves declaring for all to see that they were embracing FiftyTude…say it loud and show it proud!

As promised to those in attendance I will be adding information here on my site around the FiftyTude movement…until then I hope you will “like” the FiftyTude facebook page and share away to encourage those in your life who, like us, are over fifty and choosing the right attitude about it!