My daughter helped me update my site and I find it telling that this is the photo she chose to help introduce me!  The other photos shared here are from our farm in Central Kentucky where life is full, family and friends are welcome, food is grown and shared, adventure abounds, memories are made and savored.  At RockView everything stops at sunrise and sunset, as God’s handiwork puts a lot into perspective.

Truth be told, I am a hermit at heart, one of those people who could close the gate and be perfectly happy.  I am grateful that God has bestowed upon me the gift of encouragement, He nudges me to leave the gate open and my heart is to let you know that God is pursuing you and you are accepted just the way you are.

In my 54 years, God has taught me much, though I by no means have life figured out, I know the One who does.  I study the word of God, I am prayerful, grateful and mindful that all of my experiences in life, the trials and the triumphs are used by God for His purposes.  I trust Him and His ways completely.  I live a life of peace and joy because of Him…I hope and pray what I share will help you to do the same.

Rest assured, you are with a friend who is eye brows up and interested in you and your journey.

Blessings to you and big hugs,



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