Through my on-line relationships I have been introduced to some amazing moms that inspire me to share my heart through the written word.

I have met a mom who shows tenacity, a mom who teaches truth to girls and their moms, a mom who writes with wisdom beyond her years, a mom who loves college students and moms, a mom who breathes gratitude, a mom who cares exquisitely for her special needs son, a mom who teaches, a single mom who trusts, a military wife baking mom, a not so lazy mom, a mom who obediently¬†instructs … and so many more!

Each called by God to use the artistry of writing to share what wells from her heart, in hopes of making a difference and creating new friends.

My heart is filled with joy and Life Out Loud is how God has led me to share that joy.  My hope is that it will make a difference in your life and we can connect through social media, then maybe in person and prayerfully for eternity!

Blessings to you new friend!