Be The Mom

5 Truths About Mom

Recently several different friends have shared with me that they are talking to moms and what they are hearing is lots of hopelessness.  That breaks my heart. But I have been there. And I know how to get on the other side of hopelessness. Moms, hear this, and hear it Read more…

By Tracey, ago

Loneliness Lie

  Loneliness whispers…”unloved” and takes an otherwise hope filled day and tramples the joy out of it. Why must the nagging shrieks “you don’t measure up” wash over my heart? Pride reveals itself in so many nasty ways. Look at me. No one sees me. I don’t matter anyway. The Read more…

By Tracey, ago

Dr. Phil…Almost Right

I try to watch some of the offerings made available on television – I think it’s important to know what’s going on in the world even as I strive to remain not of the world. Not surprisingly, more and more, there are programs I simply cannot view.  Hollywood has sunk Read more…

By Tracey, ago