“Love the honest, energetic approach to the bad attitudes moms (like me) can struggle with, plus help for overcoming them through practical suggestions and a Christian perspective.” ~Kristin

“I’m going to get on the floor with my little ones and just play. I need it just as much as them! I know I have a ways to go with my self-esteem issues (that part you on touched on also spoke to me) and just being confident in who I am and how God made me. But I realize now what is the most important, and am seeing clearly for the first time in a while.” ~Sarah

“Thank you for your ministry to moms. [I’m] relying on His strength and grace as he changes me to be more like Christ and less of me. Thanks again for letting God use you in lives of moms.” ~Lori

“All this is just to say THANKS for being faithful with the message God has given you: I am one of those moms out there that received from Jesus because of your courage and obedience! Bless you!” ~Jacki

“Better than excellent!” ~conference attendee

“How upbeat can a person be! Good job!” ~conference attendee

“Loved the reminder of how important a moms job is and how we are called to serve and obey.” ~conference attendee

“Thank you for your vision and planning!” ~conference attendee

“Tracey’s contagious passion for motherhood gets under your skin…” – Dannah Gresh, Founder & President Secret Keeper Girl & Pure Freedom Ministry, author Six Ways To Keep The Good In Your Boy, Six Ways To Keep The Little In Your Girl

“Tracey is that combination big sister, best friend, mentor and favorite aunt that every mom needs…” – Shaunti Feldhahn, social researcher, speaker, and best-selling author of For Women Only and For Parents Only

“Tracey’s exuberant personality shines through the pages of Be the Mom infusing weary moms with practical help and encouragement to be the best mom you can be. I was inspired, challenged, and blessed…”– Crystal Paine, a/k/a
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“Two words: “Tracey” and “Eyster”! I’ve always liked the way she filters life. Her transparent and candid wisdom in “Be the Mom” will keep you nodding approval from cover-to-cover, and your stock value as a mom will spike from her timely and timeless encouragement.” – Tim Kimmel, Founder & President of Family Matters ministry, author of Grace Based Parenting

“ After 21 years in full-time radio, deciding to be a full-time mom to my young sons opened my eyes to the delights and challenges of motherhood. There are so many areas where I need encouragement, affirmation, and growth! Tracey is a mentor-friend for all of us.” – Lisa Williams, former K-LOVE Morning Show host who recently left full-time radio to embrace being a full-time mommy

“Laugh and learn! Fresh, frank, and funny…”– Mary A. Kassian, Professor, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, author of Girls Gone Wise

“Toughest job in the world, and I tell you what I loved, loved, loved [Be The Mom]…you did something brilliant that I’ve never seen anybody who’s written about motherhood before do and that is you really talk about some of these attitudinal traps, and they are real and they are out there and I just want to thank you for the way that you did this!” – Janet Parshall, radio host In The Market with Janet Parshall, author of Traveling a Pilgrims Path: Preparing Your Child to Navigate the Journey of Faith

“In a warm and welcoming style she invites us into her journey as a mom, winsomely reminding us of the unspeakable value of motherhood. In the end, you are going to have fresh hope that you can “be THE mom!”– Barbara Rainey, Co-Founder of FamilyLife Speaker and author of Barbara and Susan’s Guide to the Empty Nest

“I am so excited about Tracey’s writing and the encouragement she gives and … moms who will benefit from an authentic mom and mentor.” – Dr. Dennis Rainey, Founder & President FamilyLife, author Stepping Up: A Call To Courageous Manhood

“I know Tracey Eyster and have admired her passion and zeal for helping moms be the best they can be. Motherhood has never been harder. Pitfalls are everywhere. What is needed is wise encouragement from an honest, authentic life. Tracey Eyster can offer you both.” – Robert Lewis, Pastor & Creator of the Men’s Fraternity Series

“Tracey’s advice is invaluable and needs to be repeated again and again in a world where moms can easily become discouraged and overwhelmed. She’s an encouragement to pursue God in the parenting journey!” – John Fuller, Vice President Broadcasting, Focus on the Family

“You are the best mom in whole world, I am so proud of you and I am praying for you!” – Samara